AirPower Rumored To Be Coming Soon

It seems that AirPower might not be dead after all, according to a report from 9to5mac.

AirPower’s History

The AirPower charging pad was announced alongside the iPhone X and iPhone 8 last year. Apple claimed that it would be able to charge two iPhones, or an iPhone, Apple Watch (3rd gen or later), and AirPods. It also said that it would be coming in 2018.

2018 came and went. Every event Apple announced, I was ready to hear something about AirPower. They never once mentioned it. In fact, after the iPhone XS and XR were announced, Apple’s website was stripped of everything mentioning AirPower minus one picture in the AirPods section.

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While Apple didn’t mention AirPower and took it off of the website, Apple still packed in references to it with the iPhone Quick Start guide that came with every iPhone.

Apple never mentioned anything in regards to AirPower, even as the year ended. I figured that if AirPower was coming, we would have gotten the “We need a little more time to make it just right,” announcement that we usually get when something is running behind. We got it for the HomePod last I can remember. But we never got anything.


While there have been rumors that Apple struggled to get the heat under control, the rumors continued. I felt like that was a good sign for the product. It wasn’t dead.

Now, according to their sources, Apple has finally figured out and has started production.

Is AirPower Too Late?

I’ve seen many comments and more about how AirPower is too late. Many people – myself included – didn’t wait on Apple to figure it out. I’ve bought multiple wireless chargers for me and my family.

I really like wireless charging. It’s much easier to lift a phone up than to try and unplug it at five in the morning. It is for sure a convenience though.

Still, I’m curious about the story Apple will tell here. They are usually really good with product narratives. When Apple enters a field, they usually bring in something to make it work so well that many people gravitate to it.

I think AirPower could do this.

Getting all of your devices to sync, and to display the battery power on the iPhone screen could take the convenience to the next level. I’m not a fan of having to get a new AirPods case to use it, but hopefully AirPods 2 get announced along side AirPower.

While I think I’m good on wireless chargers, I think I will still see how this plays out. If I can easily take it with me when I travel, that could be something that would make me switch chargers. I also really like the idea of charging all my stuff in one place, but I’m not sure that’s enough.

Wrap Up

How do you feel about AirPower? Are you still excited or have you moved on? What would make you get rid of your wireless charger now?

Let me know in the comment.

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