What’s new with the Apple Watch?

The iPhone is such a breakout hit, that when it goes on sale, the other things that go on sale at the same time get overshadowed. I’m not sure that’s going to happen to the Apple Watch Series 4 this year, but it might, so I wanted to run through what the Series 4 brings to the table, and talk about if you should upgrade.

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Which iPhone should you get?

So tonight is the night for iPhone pre-orders, do you know which one you’re going to get already?

If not, I’ve put this little list together to help you narrow down your choices

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Cave Divers: Cold Open

HERO guides the girl through the cave, easy going. We scan through and see Arnold next and Cassie bringing up with rear with the girls mother. The going is slow and dark. The cavern just as narrow as before, but somehow it seems more scary. Everything feels tighter.

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Gather Round

On Wednesday, Apple will be holding its annual iPhone event.  

While I’m not invited, I will be trying to follow along with the news as it’s coming out, since I’m an avid Apple and tech fan.  

Here’s what I’m expecting and excited about, plus some speculation.

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