New PowerBeats Pro Announced today

Following the launch of the new AirPods, Apple and Beats by Dre have announced the new Power Beats Pro to be launching soon.

The PowerBeats Pro blend the previous PowerBeats with a more AirPods like design. The PowerBeats Pro are wire-free and come with a charging case.

Unlike the AirPods though, there are hardware controls on. You can control the volume or track with the buttons that are mirrored on each ear.

The new PowerBeats are sweat and water resistant and offer a better fit in the ear compared to the AirPods. There are three different ear tips and a customizable ear loop to help keep them in your ear. If the AirPods didn’t fit in your ear, these might offer a better device for you.

These also use the same H1 processor found in the AirPods. This means easy pairing and pairing with all your iCloud devices. It also means better battery life. The Power Beats Pro offers up to nine hours of playback time and a twenty-four-hour playback with the included case. Magnets help keep the headphones in place and charging inside their case.

These will go on sale in May and retail at $250, but most Beats see drastic sales pretty often.

I think these look pretty great and if I didn’t have AirPods (or if they didn’t work with my ears) I would definitely give these a look.

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