More AirPod 2 rumors – Health sensors, coming soon

Digitimes released a new report this morning dishing out more possible news about the new AirPods expected early this year.

Apple’s AirPods

While the details are sparse, Digitime’s news says that the new AirPods would be coming with health monitors. I would guess that they might be integrating a heart rate monitor. I honestly can’t imagine what other health sensors they would add to the AirPods. A heart rate monitor doesn’t excite me anyway since I can already monitor that on my Apple Watch. If you don’t have an Apple Watch and would still like Apple to monitor your health when exercising this might be music to your ears – pun intended.

I really wonder if these updated AirPods have been hung up because of the lack of AirPower. Apple announced a new AirPod case that would use Qi charging when they announced AirPower. The case would allow the AirPower mat to charge the AirPods as well. The case was always going to be an extra cost though.

The AirPods are already pretty great. If Apple were to update the AirPods, I personally would really like a more powerful battery. As much as I’ve used these, the battery is really starting to drain faster. Better audio quality would be nice as well. Wireless charging would be a nice addition as well, but until AirPower comes out, I’m not sure how much I’d use it.

Please keep in mind that these are just rumors and not a guarantee. We won’t know anything about them until Apple announces them – hopefully soon and at a Spring event.

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