Spring Apple Event Coming In March? Looks Like It

Some exciting, but expected, news seems to be trickling out of the Apple pundit realm – the next Apple Event looks to be coming in late March. So could we see a Spring Apple Event?

Apple in 2019
There’s more to see in 2019

As Macrumors cites, Apple has held a March event in three of the last four years, and with so many rumors coming out about many of Apple’s updated products coming out (AirPower, AirPods 2) it seemed like a new event would be coming soon.

The rumors that surfaced this week seem to say that no new hardware will be announced.

What is likely to be announced at the Spring Apple Event

All the rumors are pointing to Apple announcing new services. The seemingly headlining announcement at this event seems to be Apple News related. Details are starting to leak about the revenue split that Apple has been brokering.

Also, Bloomberg reports that Apple will announce its video streaming service at this event with a launch coming in April.

While the video streaming seems like a bigger deal than the News deal to me, I’ll be really disappointed by the lack of any hardware announcements.

Hardware rumors

Meanwhile, there has seemingly been a steady stream of hardware rumors. As I mentioned earlier, AirPower and AirPods 2 seem like a likely update soon. There have been rumors of an updated iPad Mini. The iMac hasn’t been updated in over a year.

So I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of hardware popping up at the event. Still, the star of the show will likely be the video streaming service.

Stay tuned

As I’ve mentioned, I know I’ve been MIA lately. My schedule has been pretty slammed. I’m hoping that March will bring a little more time to write.

I’m planning on writing about all the hardware rumors I’ve mentioned, and I’ll also work on covering the spring Apple event if there is one. So stay tuned!

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