What Is The Best Running App for Apple Watch

Alright the results are in. After testing out four running apps for Apple Watch, I have finally come to my conclusion on which is the best running app.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t ran nearly as much as I wanted to this year. My time as I mentioned, before has been almost completely gone to my job, and I’ve also been under the weather and run down. Still, I was able to log in some runs using the four apps I mentioned (The Workout App, Nike Run Club, Runkeeper, and Strava) and here are the my results…

And the best running app is

Well that honestlty depends on what you want.

For me, the best running app for Apple Watch is Strava.

If you want a simple interface with no audio cues and quick syncing – the standard Workout App is the best running app for Apple Watch. It gives you plenty of information or a limited amount of information and syncs back to your phone quickly.

Strava watch icon
Strava watch icon

If you like audio cues and sharing your runs on social media, I would probably recommend Strava. Nike Run Club is also good, but I don’t feel like you can get as much information from it.

Going Forward

Personally, I’m going to be running with Strava. I felt like it checked off most of the boxes I was looking for in a running app. It had the data I wanted at a glance, it provided audio cues at mile intervals, and sharing to social media was pretty much a breeze.

It wasn’t the quickest at syncing back to your phone, but as long as you remember to check it after a few minutes you should be good. Also, it syncs with the Achievement App (the app that pays you to work out) better than the others apps that I checked out. I tend to get more points when I run with Strava.

Is Strava perfect? No.

In fact, if the Workout App had audio cues, I would probably switch right now, social feature lacking or nah. I would love for Apple to add those in. The Workout App is also the app whose metrics I trust the most.

Wrap up

While not the most critical of deals, I’m glad to know that I’m not really missing out on anything by using Strava. I’m going to continue using it, and I hope the developer continues to improve on it.

How are your workout goals going this year? What app are you using to track your runs? What would convince you to change? Let me know in the comments.

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