Tech Tip Tuesday – Working with Text on the iPad

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This week, I’m going to show you how to select and move the cursor around when when working with text on the iPad.

Move your cursor

On of the most tedious tasks on the iPad is typing. While Apple has made the keyboard easier to work with, it still leaves much to be desired. If you type quickly, more than likely autocorrect isn’t going to catch it all. Then you’ll have to go back and try to touch the smallest touch target possible. Instead, use two fingers on the keyboard to move the cursor around.

Moving the cursor around on an iPad
Use two fingers on the keyboard to move the cursor around

With two fingers on the keyboard, the letters and numbers will disappear and you can now scroll in any direction to move your cursor. Now you can fix a word, add a letter, or add in an extra word.

Selecting a word

Now that you can move the cursor, lets say that you want to take out a word. Simply move the cursor to the word and then tap the keyboard with two fingers. The word you are currently on should have been selected.

Tap with two fingers to select a word
Tap with two fingers to select a word

Using the two finger double tap, you can now cut, copy, or delete a word.

Selecting an entire sentence

Finally, using two fingers with a double tap on the keyboard, you can select the entire sentence while a triple tap with two fingers will select the entire paragraph.

Double tap to select
Double tap on the keyboard to select sentence, triple tap to select paragraph

As we move on in the future and Apple’s laptop keyboards keep failing, learning these little tips can seriously impact your productivity. Still, typing on the iPad can be a exercise in frustration. Hopefully these tips can help you ease some of those frustration.

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